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    LSG Biomass fired Hot Water Boiler

    LSG Biomass fired Hot Water Boiler

    LSG biomass fired hot water boiler is vertical style, fixed grate, manual feeding fuel hot water boiler. The commenly used capacity is 0.35MW and 0.7MW, Working pressure can be 0.4Mpa and 0.7Mpa, output water temperature is 85°c, return water temperature is 60°c. 

    Fuel can be biomass, rice husk, wood pellet, peanut shell, coconut husk, straw pellet, wood shavings, wood chips, biomass pellet, rice bran, log, bark, sawdust, corn cob, straw bran, tree branches and leaves, etc. Biomass fuel is an inexhaustible renewable energy. Using of biomass fuel is clean and environmental which is strongly recommended and promoted and consistent with national energy policy.

    LSG vertical hot water boiler is mainly used for heating and bath. Through water circulating pump, boiler can heat water in the water tank and keep water warm all the time, in that way, people can get bath. Through water circulating pump, boiler can heat water in the heat pipe, and meet heating requirements after radiator. Hot water boiler and hot water circulating pump with heat exchanger can realize the dual function of bath and heating. Hot water boiler is widely used in hotel, school, residential building and other enterprises.
    Characteristics of LSG biomass fired hot water boiler
    1. Adopt unique spirally corrugated tube design, never jam, never tube explosion, high heat transfer efficiency, produce gas fast, output full, have overload ability.
    Compact structure, cover small area, easy installation, the boiler can run after connecting the valve, faucet tap and pipeline.
    2. Easy burning, various fuel, such as soft coal, anthracite coal, firewood, industrial waste, organic wastes, etc.
    3. Equipped with manhole and had hole, easy maintenance, clear, prolong service life.
    4. There is vertical, horizontal, round, square, top-circle-bottom-square boiler etc, customers can choose according to their preference.

    Specifications of LSG biomass fired hot water boiler

    Power (MW)
    Pressure (Mpa)
    Output water 
    temperature (℃)
    Return water 
    temperature (℃)
    Heating area (m2)


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