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    • DZL Biomass fired Chain Grate Steam Boiler
    DZL Biomass fired Chain Grate Steam Boiler

    DZL Biomass fired Chain Grate Steam Boiler

    Brief introduction

    DZL biomass fired steam boiler is horizontal style, low pressure, single drum, fire and water tube structure, chain grate 
    steam boiler with biomass, rice husk, wood pellet, peanut shell, coconut husk, straw pellet, wood shavings, wood chips, biomass pellet, rice bran, log, bark, sawdust, corn cob, straw bran, tree branches and leaves as fuel. Fuel feeding method is automatic which saves a lot of labor. Biomass fuel is an inexhaustible renewable energy. Using of biomass fuel is clean and environmental which is strongly recommended and promoted and consistent with national energy policy.
    Application of DZL biomass fired chain grate steam boiler
    DZL biomass fired chain grate steam boiler is widely used in textile industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper mill, laundry, food processing industry and other industries. It can offer hot water and heat for hotels, schools, colleges, governments, residential buildings, hospitals, and so on.

    Characteristics of DZL biomass fired chain grate steam boiler 
    1. The arched tube plate and screw thread smoke tube build up the boiler barrel so that the boiler has high heat 
    transfer efficiency, boosts fast, strong output and the smoke tube is hard to accumulate dust, these solve the problem 
    of tube plate crack.
    2. Eliminate the stagnant water area at the bottom of the boiler barrel, improve the water recycling effect, prevent the 
    boiler barrel bottom bulge.
    3. All welding combining are processed by large mechanical and high temperature region bundle special processing, 
    to ensure the welding quality and service life. Easy burning and adapt to various fuel such as: soft coal, anthracite coal 
    and biofuels.
    4. Compact structure, small size, saving construction investment, easy to install, can run after connecting the valve, 
    water, electricity and pipeline.
    5. Stable operation, easy to adjust, unique design of air prevention, can bank up a fire for a long time.
    6. It has a function of dust reduction, dust emission conforms to the environment standard.
    Specifications of DZL biomass fired chain grate steam boiler

    ModelRated evaporation
    Rated working 
    Nominal steam 
    Biggest transport 
    good size(m)
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