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    Oil or Gas Fired Steam Generator

    Oil or Gas Fired Steam Generator

    Oil or Gas Fired Steam Generator Application
    Heating, restaurant,food, clothing, construction material steam curing, high-temperature sterilization etc.

    Oil or Gas Fired Steam Generator Features

    1.Integration of burning configuration system.
    Design the boiler with consideration of steam generator and burner to make generator burning system has the best matching,it is organic combination for energy-saving and environment protection.
    2.Advanced fully automatic control function.
    Adopt automatic micro computer program to control,automatic pressure control, flame detection,water shortage protect, auto alarm etc.Just push the button and come to automatic running statue, all safety protection device start work, unnecessary for person on duty.
    3.Safe and scientific structure design.
    Equipped with safe valve, pressure controller, water level controller safety interlock device, absolutely safe and reliable. Adopt fin type tubular furnace structure to compensate the thermal expansion,avoid thermal expansion and contraction stress, make boiler structure safe and reliable, prolong service life.
    4.Produce good quality steam quickly.
    Small water capacity and big steam tank design to produce steam quickly,steam-water separator inside to guarantee high quality saturated steam.

    Oil or Gas fired Steam Generator Models


    ModelRated Evaporation(Kg/h)Rated Working Pressure(MPa)Design Fuel
    LSS0.05-0.4-Y(Q)500.4Oil / Gas
    LSS0.1-0.4-Y(Q)1000.4Oil / Gas
    LSS0.2-0.4-Y(Q)2000.4Oil / Gas

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