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    The method of prolonging boilers service life


    The method of prolonging boilers service life

    The service life of the boiler is the most concern question of each user. Prolonging the life of the boiler can reduce the cost to the user significantly, and thereby increasing the profits from other aspect. The average range of some kinds of boiler are different, such as 2 years,5 years and 10 years and so on. The reasons why we can get the different results are that the production quality and material of the are different in each manufacturer and them maintenance level. About the quality reason some companies use cheaper materials in order to reduce the cost of the boiler. They purchase ordinary seamless tube and the thin steel plate so that they can achieve the purpose of lowering the cost of boiler, but the result is shortened the service life of boiler. The importance of the maintenance of the boiler is equally important on the quality of the products, some customers bought the high quality of boiler, but they did not pay more attention on the maintenance, at the end, the boiler still can not reach the expectations technically.
    There are many ways to keep the boiler condition, for example brush in time, replace a leaky pipe fittings and radiators in time etc. After the boiler stop work in a day, the inside of boiler and the boiler system should be filled with water to reach the goal of maintenance through wet method. The ash and soot from the coal storage chamber, dust chamber, heat transfer surface, chimney and other parts should be cleaned thoroughly. Boiler room should be kept dry and the ash room can be places lime indoor to moistureproof. If the water using in boiler can not reach the standard, boiler heating surface will deposit scale which not only reduces the effect of the water of boiler heat transfer, also make the effect of the boiler heat dissipation reduced greatly and further shorten the service life of the boiler. Local water quality is bad, we recommend that you install a set of crystal silicon phosphorus or other water treatment equipment, the water will be process after the water flow into the boiler to avoid to produce scale. There is one point you need to know that scale is the biggest killer of the boiler.
    Above all, the manufacturer to ensure the quality is not the only way to prolong the service life of the boiler, daily maintenance is also important and the maintenance is also a comprehensive and complex system. So that the seller need to require customer to read the manufacturer’s instruction, at the same time they should take effective implementation of the maintenance work on a regular basis. They can also take a contact with factory to ensure the normal operation of the boiler and achieve the goal of extending the service life of the boiler.

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