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    Structure of Autoclave Kettle


    Structure of Autoclave Kettle

    Structure of Autoclave Kettle                                                 
    Autoclave Kettle is mainly composed of kettle body device, covering device, oscillating device, hand speed reducer, safety device, bearing, insulation layer, sealing device and instrument pipe valve, etc. Affiliated part includes drainage device.

    1. Side-opening Autoclave body device                                                                                                             
    The kettle body device is mainly composed of cylinder and the kettle body flange welding. Flange circular uniformly distributed along the meshing teeth and kettle cover flange uniform mesh accordingly. Inside the kettle bottom laying track, can walk or pipe from the car parked. Kettle body lateral decorate various header and take over, for inlet and exhaust steam, discharge of condensed water and various kinds of instrument installation, the valve.

    2. Autoclave covering/lid device                                                                                                 
    Autoclave kettle lid device is mainly composed of the kettle cover flange, tooth plate, dome head welding and become, by lifting handle and short axis will cover suspension in mesh, closing of reaction caldron in the aeroconcrete role.

    3. Oscillating device                                                                      
    Mainly consists of shaft, cantilever beam, plate, pull plate, bar, etc. Installed on the tank top of the end, through the pull rod connected to handle kettle cover, suspension and the effect of rotary kettle device.

    4. Hand speed reducer                                                                    
    Fixed in the kettle body flange profile, mainly consist of a pair of turbine deputy and a pair of bevel gear shaft.Through gear meshing tooth plate, drive the kettle cover rotate around the center, make the body and the pot cover flange tooth can be engaged or disengaged.

    5. Safety device                                                                         
    Fixed in the kettle body flange side, by the safety handle, saddle, jaw and ball valves. Kettle lid is closed, the safety handle to level, unable to open lock kettle cover, exhaust valve closed accordingly. Open cover, safety first vertical handle ball valve opens.More than to stay inside the kettle after steam through the ball valve, can open the kettle cover, to avoid danger.

    6. Bearing/support                                                                       
    Used as a support body, composed of intermediate bearing and end bearing, except the middle bearing fixed, the rest of the bearing with the aid of roller, can move the body axis, meet the need of the kettle body expansion.

    7.  Insulation layer                                                                       
    Mainly by the insulation materials and skeleton, guard board, etc;Prevent heat lost when using reaction caldron in the aeroconcrete (user set thickness according to the nature of the material)

    8. Sealing device                                                                        
    The sealing ring, cut-off valve and the inlet pipe bending, etc. Sealing ring inlaid in the kettle body flange seal groove.Booster stages, outside for steam through the bent pipe and valve into the seal grooves, pressure on end face seal pot cover, arriving at the rated pressure, the through pipe by air pressure to seal the kettle body itself.

    9. Instrument pipe valve                                                                  
    Including pressure gauge, thermometer, relief valve, thermal resistance, ball valve, etc., ensure safe use of reaction caldron in the aeroconcrete production.

    10. Drainage device                                                                     
    Discharge of condensed water effect, by the drainage device, hydrophobic, drain valve etc. Collection tank through the connected to the bottom of the kettle, condensed water after a low inside the cylinder by the hydrophobic continuous discharge, drain valve is not large regular discharge of condensed water and sludge.

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