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    How To Prevent Hot Water Boiler Water Cooled Wall Tube Explosion


    How To Prevent Hot Water Boiler Water Cooled Wall Tube Explosion

    Hot water boiler as a part in production and living has some risks, for example, water cooled wall tube explosion during its operating, people need to process safety inspection and maintenance in advance to prevent horizontal coal fired hot water boiler water wall tube explosion happening.

    1.Water quality is very important. During a coal hot water boiler operating, users should strictly control the boiler water quality, using soft water but not directly using well water or tap water, the quality should be in accordance with the requirement of GB1576-1996 Low Pressure Boiler Water Quality. So Xinda boiler factory equips water treatment equipment to make water meet boiler using water requirement.

    2.Horizontal coal-fired hot water boiler heating system can install a decontamination device before circulation pump, and pay attention to the boiler and decontamination sewage on time;

    3. In the first week of heating period, the coal hot water boiler valves should be closed, let go of the boiler water, check whether there are scale and water residue in the boiler drum, boiler header and water cooled wall. When heating period finishes, remember to remove the scales and water residues.

    4.The hot water boiler design should promise that the water cooled wall flow is greater than safety water flow and the heat load in furnace should be as balance as possible.

    5.In the case of operating conditions, allowing the coal-fired hot water boiler to use pressure phase change form, separating the system and boiler.

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