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    Xinda High Temperature Multi Fuel Fired Thermal Oil Boiler


    Thermal oil boiler is also called organic heat carrier boiler or thermic fluid oil boiler , which can be used for industry heating. Xinda has YGL and YLL series biomass pellet , wood chips or coal fired thermal oil boiler , working with low pressure to produce high temperature hot oil . 

    Xinda thermal oil boiler features
    1.under the lower working pressure, get higher operating temperature.
    2.heating a wide range, can be in the 250-340 deg C between the stability of heating and accurate temperature regulation.
    3.the thermal efficiency can be maintained at the optimum level at different levels of load.
    4.liquid phase circulation, 300 at the time of the heat carrier water saturation vapor pressure of 3 times.
    5.the system has the perfect operation monitoring, safety monitornig and control device.
    6.fuel saving, power saving, water saving, energy saving, 6-9 months recyclable investment.

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