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    Three Important Parts for Steam Boiler Components


    As everyone knows,steam boiler is important for industry or service field,but at the same time there are three security accessories for steam boiler which should not be ignored, otherwise there maybe hidden danger.

    One: boiler safety valve
    Boiler safety valve can adjust the pressure,when the pressure of steam goes beyond the standard,there will be automatic pressure relief,until come to the normal pressure then closing automatically.So the adjustment of pressure can avoid the boiler explosion accident caused by overpressure.

    Two: pressure gauge
    Pressure gauge lets stoker personnel to monitor changes from internal pressure of the boiler, and then by adjusting to meet the requirements , put an end to the overpressure phenomenon.

    Three: boiler water level gauge
    Boiler water level gauge can display the water level in the boiler , the stoker personnel controls boiler water level within the normal range, prevent water shortages, filled with water issues, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.
    So security issue for steam boiler should be regarded as one important part in the steam boiler operation or industry production line.

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