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    Professional manufacturer of hot water boiler


    Professional manufacturer of hot water boiler

    Xinxiang Xinda Boiler Container Co., Ltd. has devoted to boiler for several decades of years and the hot water boiler made by Xinda has a greater advantage when compared with the same industry.

    1. Adopt unique thread fire tube design,no jam,no tube Explosion,high heat transfer efficiency, production gas fast ,Strong output,and have overload ability
    2. Compact structure, occupy small area, easy to install, this kind of hot water boiler can run after connect the valve, water head and pipeline.
    3. Easy burning, and adapt to virous fuel such as: soft coal, blind coal, firewood, industrial waste and organic waste. Firewood, industrial waste, organic wastes.
    4. Equipped with manhole and hand hole, easy to maintenance, clean, to extend service life.
    5. The designs have vertical, horizontal, roundness, square, circle on the square etc., according to the customer’s preference.

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