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    Oil / Gas Fired Boiler Combustion Characteristics

    Author:Charlotte ZhangDate:2017-3-31

    Oil / Gas Fired Boiler Combustion Characteristics

    Oil / Gas Fired Boiler Combustion Characteristics

    1. Oil Fired Boiler Features
    Fuel oil is a kind of liquid fuel, its boiling point is always below the ignition temperature, so the combustion of fuel is always in gaseous states. After the fuel atomized oil particle is sprayed into the furnace, it was heating by high temperature flue gas, the it is start to turn evaporation. Though the evaporation of oil and gas mixed with oxygen forming flame. There is a part of the combustion heat to the oil particles, the oil particle continuous evaporation and combustion until burn off.  The more smaller oil particle become, the more faster oil particle burn. Similarly, the oxygen was need in oil particles burning could be timely supply, and oil particle combustion be also faster. Therefore, in order to strengthen the burning of oil must be do the following points:
    (1) Improve the atomization quality and reduce the diameter of oil particles;
    (2) Increase the relative velocity of air and oil;
    (3) Reasonable air distribution

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    2. Gas Fired Boiler Features
    Adopt the high calorific value gas, a large amount of air. The gas can burn fully, which need a large amount of air mixed with it in combustion process. The processes of gas fire is not has atomization and evaporation. The way that gas mix oxygen has a great impact on combustion intensity, flame length and flame temperature. According to the different way of mixed, gas combustion method can be divided into three types:
    1) Diffusion Combustion
    This method is not premixed combustion, but mutual diffusion and combustion at gas nozzle. The advantages is stable burning, simple combustion appliance structure. Gas burners are generally used in this way.
    2) Premixed Air Combustion
    This way means mixed a part of gas and air before combustion (an excess air coefficient between 0.2-0.8), then to burn. The advantages is clear flame, combustion enhancement and high thermal efficiency. Gas burners are generally used in this way.
    3) Flameless Combustion
    Principle of work is based on required air mixed with fuel gas before burning. The excess air coefficient is equal to the excess air coefficient of fuel combustion. During the burning, it is not need to obtain oxygen from the surrounding air. After the gas and air mixture to the combustion zone, witch is completed burn off at the moment.

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