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    Matters Needing Attention In The Use Of Gas Steam Generator

    Author:Charlotte ZhangDate:2020-7-8

    Matters Needing Attention In The Use Of Gas Steam Generator

    Matters needing attention in the use of gas steam generator
    1. To ensure user security, please install a leakage circuit breaker before entering the line; the casing should be firmly grounded!
    2. Do not adjust the pressure controller at will.


    3. When the water quality is not good (deep well water, river water), please use a water softener. The water softener determines the time to replenish the industrial salt based on the daily working time, which is based on the fixed salt in the salt tank.
    4. Before starting or after a few days of shutdown, remove the pump fan with a screwdriver to prevent the car from burning out; and the air in the pump has been exhausted.
    5. When repairing or replacing parts, be sure to turn off the power, drain the steam, and do not charge or refill.
    6. Manually move the protection valve several times every two months to prevent rust and damage.
    7. When using the machine, discharge at least twice a day (isobar pressure 0.1MPa, open the bottom drain valve, discharge steam and other foreign objects)


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