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    LDZ Vertical Electric Heating Steam Generator

    Author:Charlotte ZhangDate:2017-4-10

    LDZ Vertical Electric Heating Steam Generator

    LDZ Vertical Electric Heating Steam Generator

    Small electric steam generator is run by power energy, no noise and no pollution. Use of high quality heating element, the surface heat load is much lower and the thermal efficiency is higher. This product adopts cabinet design style, elegant appearance, compact internal structure and its ideal for saving space.

    Because the heating component is completely immersed in water and perfectly insulated, vertical design can bring about very high efficiency of electrical boiler and reduce the radiation to minimum. The precise calculation can make the boiler quickly and efficiently reach working pressure. The use of low surface heat load heating components make it not easy to melt or soften; each components goes through hydraulic pressure and voltage resistance test;boiler can work after being connected to power and water. With nearly 100% thermal efficiency. It is quiet, clean and in line with environmental requirements.
    All electrical components with CE and CCC certification to ensure product safety and service life;
    Each group of heating components is equipped with clustered flange connection, with independent design, simple structure, high mechanical strength, which is safe, reliable and easy for replacement;
    Control mode is flexible, which can be set to manual or automatic mode, for single machine or several machine operation together;
    Automatic operation control, with water shortage , over voltage, phase loss, overheating, leakage and other protection,which can ensure security.

    Technical Parameter of Steam Generator


    1) Use LCD Automatic Intelligent Electronic Control System
    2) The Use of High-quality Core Components—Electric Heating Pipe
    3) Use High-quality Components
    4) Multiple Safety Interlock Protection
    5) Putting Reasonable Electric Load into Use Could Save Energy and Extend Life Cycle
    6)Extremely Easy to Install and Use
    7)Scientific Design and Attractive Appearance
    8)Use Electricity Is More Environmentally Friendly and More Economical


    1.The operating system of boiler is automatic controlling, the water tank connected to the boiler comes, boiler power is connected, just press the key, the boiler will run automatically 
    2.The detailed installation methods, operating procedures, maintenance and other information please contact us or to our website, Download "automatic electric heating steam boiler operating instructions."
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