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    How to improve oil steam boiler energy saving effect?


    How to improve oil steam boiler energy saving effect?

    Oil fired boiler belongs to industrial boiler, taking light oil, heavy oil, diesel as fuel to generate steam or hot water for industry production. As the rapid development of national environment protection, the coal fired boiler can no longer meet the development need, oil fired boiler becomes the model clean boiler with its clean burning, high efficiency.

     As the carrying out of energy saving conception, new type oil fired boiler, especially the oil fired steam boiler is widely applied, and the issue of its energy saving is greatly concerned by the users.

     To improve the energy saving effect, boiler manufacturers take various measures. For example, xinda Boiler Container  introduces the threaded pipe with high heat transfer into the boiler design, which can increase the heat transfer area, strengthen heat transfer effect, reduce the flue gas temperature, and improve oil boiler thermal efficiency.Meanwhile, to greatly improve the energy saving effect, xinda engineer also suggests to install the fuel saving device in oil fired steam boiler for sale. Oil steam boiler fuel economizer is used to lower the fuel viscosity, improving the atomization and refinement before fuel burning, then the fuel jetting into the combustion chamber can fully burn under hypoxic conditions. Consequently, the blast volume can reduce 14%-20% , thus the temperature inside flue gas pipe will lower, avoiding the heat loss in flue gas pipe. Oil fired steam boiler for sale with the economizer can save fuel, protect the boiler from scaling as well.

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